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Lost Blog


All About 'Lost'

Sunday November 28, 2010

Welcome to lost.about.com. This site is no longer being updated, but I invite you to come on in and look around. Some not-to-be-missed articles you might be interested in:

Goodbye Losties!

Saturday November 27, 2010

Well, it's time to say goodbye! But don't reach for the Virgin Mary statue just yet. There are two bits of good news:

  1. Even though I am leaving the site, the site won't leave you. I won't be adding to lost.about.com, but the-powers-that-be are allowing the site to be archived so that we can all use it as a reference in the future, or as a trip down memory lane.
  2. I'm no longer Lost, but I refuse to be forgotten! My Benjamin Linus bobblehead is going to have to share his shelf, because I've stepped off of the island and fallen head first into all TV dramas (well, all the good ones, at least). I'm heading over to TVDramas.about.com to work with Rachel Thomas to keep you up to date on what is happening inside your television set.

You have been such wonderful fans! Thank you for sharing my love of Lost. I leave you with this advice: Change your shirt if you get a little Arzt on you, remember that no one can tell you what you can't do, and don't get Scooby Doo-ed, Dude.

The Ajira plane is leaving the runway. Farewell, my friends.

Matthew Fox Moves On

Wednesday November 24, 2010
Matthew Fox
Matthew Fox
ABC/Mario Perez

Will Matthew Fox ever be anyone other than Jack Shephard to me? Probably. When Lost began, I always wanted to refer to him as Charlie, based on his Party of Five character. It didn't make it any easier that there was a Charlie on the show.

Matthew is moving on to London theater. He'll play Bobby, a crass American carpenter, in "In a Forest, Dark and Deep" by Tony Award-nominated playwright and filmmaker Neil LaBute. Sorry, Matthew, but I won't be traveling to London to see your debut. I will, however, watch you as Jack Shephard on my TV over and over and over again.

'Lost' - Six Months Later

Tuesday November 23, 2010
Sawyer, Claire, and Kate run for the plane in the 'Lost' series finale
Sawyer, Claire, and Kate run for the plane in the 'Lost' series finale
ABC/Mario Perez

Can you believe it's been six months since Jack's eye closed for the final time? There are a ton of people watching the show on DVD who have yet to experience the finale, and some who have just experienced it recently, but for the rest of us, we've had six months to ponder the meaning of Lost, and discuss possible answers to all those unanswered questions.

What do you think of the series now? The night of the finale, I posted a poll to get an idea of what people thought of the series overall. Forty-four percent thought it was the best show they'd ever seen, compared to 53% just one week later. Twenty-six percent said it was a really great show, with 24% saying the same the following week. Two percent hated it at first, but that number fell to just 1% by the next week. Just one month later, 57% thought it was the best show ever with 29% saying it was a great show. No one said they hated it, but to be fair, those who hated it probably didn't stick around to talk more Lost.

And without much to add, this site will be archived in the next month or so. It will still be here (hopefully forever) as a reference, but I won't be adding to it. <Sigh> Why couldn't Lost have just lasted forever? Well, because it needed an ending. All good things must come to an end. <Super big sigh>

Jorge on Another Island!

Monday November 22, 2010

This is going to be a great show! Jorge Garcia (Hurley) is set to play a hippie geek doctor in a new Bad Robot series. And he ain't the only Lost alum to join the series.

Jorge Garcia
Jorge Garcia
ABC/Mario Perez

The pilot script for Alcatraz was finalized by Lost writer Elizabeth Sarnoff who is the showrunner for the new show. Lost executive producerJ.J. Abrams is an executive producer for the new show along with Bryan Burke.

Forget that all these amazing Lost peeps are involved, because the story itself promises to be great. A team of FBI agents investigates a mystery group of missing Alcatraz prisoners who disappeared thirty years ago. Jorge will play Dr. Diego Soto, the world's foremost expert on Alcatraz. The prisoners and guards reappear in the present day. Mystery and secrets, my kind of show! And of course it will be great to see Jorge every week. We'll have to wait until mid-September, but at least it's something to look forward to.

'Lost' - Benjamin Linus

Monday November 22, 2010
Benjamin Linus
Benjamin Linus
ABC/Mario Perez

Feel sorry for him, mistrust him, hate him, align with him, see him defeated, Lost's villain became someone that some of us rooted for. Benjamin Linus did not have the easiest childhood. His mother died in childbirth and his father was a drunk. He went to the island when he was 10 and as he got older he sought power. His life was changed in a major way when the Oceanic 815 survivors crashed on his mysterious island.

Michael Emerson as Ben Linus is the king of creepy! Got any milk?

Unanswered 'Lost' Question - Did the Losties Ever Visit

Sunday November 21, 2010
Kate says goodbye to Jack
Kate says goodbye to Jack
ABC/Mario Perez

You don't call, you don't write...Once Sawyer, Kate, Claire, Frank, Miles, and Richard got off the island did they ever return to visit Hurley, Ben, and Walt? What if it was like the first time they left and they all wanted to come back again?

I think that they all wanted to go back the first time because their job wasn't finished and the island was pulling them. Now it's done and I think once they got off the island it was good riddance! What do you think?

Damon Lindelof Apologizes to 'Lost' Fans

Saturday November 20, 2010

Well here's something new. Damon Lindelof, co-executive producer of Lost, has put up with a lot people telling him they hated some aspect of Lost (mostly the way it ended). His view has been: If I'm asking you to invest your time and attention in a story I'm telling, it's your right to tell me that you hate that story. You just don't get to call yourself a "fan."

Damon Lindelof
Damon Lindelof
ABC/Mario Perez

Thanks to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 Damon has completely changed his view.

Here's what he says, "I sincerely and genuinely apologize to all those whom I have stripped of their Lost fandom just for complaining about the stuff you didn't like. It doesn't make you any less a fan. In fact, it just makes you honest. I respect that. And I'm genuinely sorry for ever feeling otherwise."

Read why Damon came to change his mind in his article in The Daily Beast, Oh no, 'Harry' Bored Me!.

Unanswered 'Lost' Question - Did the Others kidnap Walt knowing that Michael would come looking for him?

Wednesday November 17, 2010
ABC/Mario Perez

Why was Walt kidnapped? Did they plan on Michael coming after him? Did the Others plan to bribe Michael into leading the party of Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley to the Others' camp?

My answer is probably not. I think they kidnapped Walt because they knew he was special, but he turned out to be more than they could handle. They wanted to experiment on him, but they were surprised by his power, so when Michael came, they took the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. Michael brought the survivors they wanted and they got rid of Walt.

What do you think?

'Lost' - James "Sawyer" Ford

Monday November 15, 2010
James "Sawyer" Ford
ABC/Mario Perez

Sawyer - The bad guy with the good heart. We were first introduced to Sawyer as the con man with rude wit and a nickname for everyone. We soon came to realize that there was more to Sawyer than just his good looks and bad boy attitude. Sawyer's tender moments were especially moving because he was such a tough guy. Taking care of Kate and Claire and working through his feelings about the real Sawyer by facing him on the island helped Sawyer work thorough his demons. Josh Holloway, you will be missed as our favorite con man, Sawyer.

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